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NYC in 4 minutes: my travel diary

NYC. NYC. NYC. I have dreamed about this city since ever and I still cannot believe I actually managed to visit it and discover all the best spots and fashion insights of NYC. I have already talked about it in one of my last posts: discovering all the secrets of the city with one of its best connoisseur.  But know I want to give you the insights of my experience.

It is difficult to explain the feeling that this city gives to you. It forces you to look up to the sky, to sorround of people coming from all over the world and to go and seize your opportunities.

NYC is vibrant, never sleeping and exciting.

A part from the classic touristic stops, I made my own list of must – visits.

Starting from the Flatiron and Soho district, full of beautiful shops and unique boutiques, including Balenciaga, Supreme and Bite LipBar shop (you can actually create your own lipstick there). Going through the colorful and tasteful Nolita, with some of the best and most iconic restaurants. (Balthazar, Pietro Nolita & more)

Best moment of the day? Breakfast! Magnolia Bakery, Starbucks at every corner, the Sprinkles ATM and among all these different possibilities, you can actually have breakfast at Tiffany’s, at the Blue Box Cafe and it is totally worth it.

Best museums? MOMA off course is a must. But I have adored the MET. You can go and visit it with a pay as you wish policy and make sure you have plenty of time, they require a lot of it and they are more like an experience. Don’t forget to visit also their boutiques and design shops, you can find amazing pieces there.

Another must stop is Brooklyn, while walking through the Brooklyn Bridge, with the wind through the hair, you watch down and you can spot yellow cabs everywhere in the crowd, and cars and people moving in every directions from the city center to the south part of the city. To have the best shoot of the bridge don’t forget to go to the DUMBO district, over there you will find a perfect spot thanks to a game of perspective among two buildings.

As in films, off course lights make NYC even more beautiful, so if you want a breathtaking view of the city, go to the Empire State Building Observatory at night, it is opened until 2 pm and it will leave you speechless.

Dedicate a full day for visiting Central Park, it hides several beautiful spots such as Bethesda Terrace and Fountain (Gossip Girl’s location), the Ladies Pavillion, Strawberry Fields (where you can find the John Lennon dedicated Imagine Memorial), the Bow Bridge and reach the Belvedere Castle, from which the Meteo Station record the weather daily.

Then the Chelsea district with the Buddakan Restaurant, the Rockefeller Center and Observatory, with the most photographed window of the city, the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Ground Zero Memorial with the 9/11 Museum are just some of the other unmissable visits.

I have tried to let you have a glimpse of my days in NYC through a video that I edited for you with some of the best moments and the backstages of some of my shootings that you can find on my Instagram page. Hope you will enjoy it! As always, I will wait for your feedback.